IT Business Partner

Full Time
Posted 7 hari yang lalu
Job description
Manage key strategic relationships between Engineering, Business and its Vendors (usually SaaS vendors that provide enterprise tools for us).

Perform cost analysis & monitoring, feature comparisons and be involved in negotiation processes with candidate/existing vendors to provide the best possible solution for the company’s needs.

Proactively seek insight to relevant stakeholders (engineering, and business team, etc) to capture their needs/problem, then come up with recommendation of appropriate tools as the solution

Proactively share knowledge of technology risks and opportunities to build competitive advantage and improve efficiency and effectiveness of business units.

Collaborate with other relevant teams, especially the finance team, to ensure alignment in cost budgeting and any optimization processes are implemented successfully.
Fluent in English

Excellent in negotiation skills and settings.

Senior Level with minimum 4+ years of experience as IT Business Partner in engaging SaaS or other vendors.

Possess extensive knowledge & experience in utilizing SaaS products in different areas.

Good communication & teamwork skills, capable in collaborating with other team members

Good self-managing skills, in particular with keeping up with timeline

Strong analytical and planning skills;

Good communication and presentation skills;

Excellent problem-solving skills;

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