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Job description
About Kargo Product Team
Kargo Product Team consists of Product Management and Product Design functions. Our main job is to build products and services to achieve Kargo’s mission, and deliver best-in-class experience for our users: shippers (small businesses, enterprise businesses, freight forwarders), transporters (truck owner operators & their drivers) and internal team (our operations, customer success, finance, and sales team).

We operate a combination of human-centered design & design thinking approach in building solutions for our customers, and promote co-creation alongside our engineers and business team. We work in a dedicated team model where each squad has a designated mission and specific outcomes to achieve (we use OKR throughout the organization). Each Product Manager and Product Designer are ideally assigned with a few Product Engineers and QA Engineers to work together.

About The Role
As the PM for Shipper Experiennce, you will be responsible for leading the end-to-end product integration and delivery process between internal brokerage platforms with KargoNexus for Shippers (NFS) Core team. In this role, your main users will be enterprise Shippers and internal brokerage team, who are both aggregating the supply and demand side of the marketplace.

KargoNexus for Shippers (NFS) products are built as one of the foundations for KargoOS, a centralized means for Kargo to host interactions between Shippers, Transporters, Drivers, and Internal Operations / Brokerage Team. Under the KargoNexus group, there will be a few squads working on different focuses and users around Shippers, Transporters, and Drivers, harmonizing between internal and external use cases. Your shipper experience squad’s focus will be to digitize all transactions from existing shipper business that's hosted in internal brokerage platforms into KargoNexus external platform.

The span of work covers the following but not limited to: retention and growth of enterprise and SME shippers in our KargoNexus ecosystem, organic engagement and retention through sharp problem-solution fit, as well as tech solutions adoption.

  • Help Kargo translate internal brokerage transactions and capabilities into KargoNexus external product adoption from shipper side
  • Help Kargo grow its KargoNexus TMS SaaS business overall by growing our customer base, engagement/ retention, and revenue monetization of Shipper side
  • Analyze, define, and prioritize key growth metrics and areas of work under KargoNexus and translate into key growth products and initiatives
  • Own outcomes in form of Objectives & Key Results (OKR) for overall connection between internal brokerage system and KargoNexus for Shippers product features and experiments
  • Lead the team in the exploration of problem-solution fit, product-market fit, and scale of KargoNexus product portfolio — depending on each product’s stage
  • Identify opportunities, assess fit, and de-risk overall direction for shipper innovation and growth projects through research, experimentation, and validation
  • Communicate cross-functionally and build strong relationships with other PMs in your group, PMs outside your group, as well as engineering, business, and design leadership


Basic Qualifications
  • 2+ years of product management experience
  • Experience in managing a customer-facing product (preferably B2B SaaS products)
  • Experience in establishment and growth product management around user activation loop, retention/engagement, and new product marketing best practices

Bonus Points
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science / Industrial Engineering / Supply Chain / other relevant fields
  • Masters degree from reputable local and overseas institutions
  • Fluent/native Bahasa Indonesia speaker

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